It's a girlโ€™s day out! โ€ฆwhat could possibly go wrong? Betty and Charity take time off with retail therapy! Little do they know they are being trailed by two strange hobgoblins!It's the height of the 1970's. Malone Gridlock hits crime the only way he knows how: hard and fast! His nemesis, Scarlet Death disintegrates Gridlock and hurls him 50 years into the future ...and a world ruled by his greatest enemy!
Legend Hell's Executioner #4: The Fall of Legend continues as the war to take over Hell spreads throughout Satan's realm. MATURE IV Title.Sword of Justice #1, by Silvio Spotti. Suffering under false gods, humanity has been reduced to abject control. Enter Brenna, Muriel and Tanet who break free of their chains to end the misery! Will they save the world?

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