Betty Wicked #5 ~ The Trouble with Mr. Jones! Betty gets caught up in a fight that is not her own ...crosses a cowboy with a very familiar face and gets bamboozled by a Samurai!

2020 Sketchbook: A Blk&Wht featuring current & past TSP artists! 48 pages filled with unreleased material, including Betty Wicked, 7th Sister, & Legend: Hell's Executioner! Also included is a section of material from Malone Gridlock & TSP Artist Fabrizio Ugolini!

Sword of Justice #1: by Silvio Spotti. Suffering under false gods, humanity has been reduced to abject control. Enter Brenna, Muriel and Tanet who break free of their chains to end the misery! Will they save the world?

Legend Hell's Executioner #4: The Fall of Legend continues as the war to take over Hell spreads throughout Satan's realm. MATURE IV Title.

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