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7th Sister #0: This prologue looks into the relationship between The 7th Sister, Merope and The Aldebaron, only known as The Follower. Her secret could shatter the fabric of culture and civilization on Earth!

Betty Wicked #5: Bamboozled by a Samurai! …Betty gets caught up in a fight that is not her own ...with a cowboy with a familiar face! Where’s Frank? A shocker of a revelation in the first 2 pages!

Devil's Back #2: The exploits of Marshal Hawke concludes as he finds himself back on the trail of the assassin Lockwood! A Crazy Professor expounds on his view of the future! What happens to Corey? Discover the mystery of The Devil's Back!

Sword of Justice #2 ~ by Silvio Spotti. Brenna, Muriel and Tanet return in this action-packed second issue and confront the false gods of Earth! Will they be able to free humanity in this on-going war against control.

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