Legend: Hell's Executioner, #3
~ Never on such a bleak landscape has there been a collected such a grand cast of evil ~

Jakob Legend begins his fall from grace in this three-issue storyline.

The Trinity of Hate, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Baphomet have convened and plot to take down their grand enemy – Lucifer! All they need is a way to destroy Legend first!


Draw Blood ~ A Horror Anthology

Visit the Halls of Terror and delve into stories of Modern Horror!

This zombie laced issue brings you face to face with modern terrors. Sometimes things are not always what they seem! Meet a Zombie that wants to die and a woman with a plan for the end of the world! The endings might just surprise you!

One-Shot / MATURE IV Title
The IV Mature Only line is designed for a Mature audience of 17 or older.

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