Sword of Justice #1.
Part 1 of a 3-Issue Mini Series
Created / Written by Silvio Spotti
Presented by Top Secret Press

A spaceship crashes on a future Earth and is discovered by two escaped slaves, the sorcerer Muriel and giant red-headed warrior, Tanet. Within the spaceship they discover the golden haired Brenna, the Sword of Justice!

Brenna leads them against the evil hordes of the Zombie Lord. But he is not their main enemy, the slave Lord Ania is still out there and wants to add Brenna to her list of captives!

Astounding Elite #1.
Created / Written by Francisco Menor
Presented by Top Secret Press

Light-hearted parody of the Silver Age!

Super heroes Dark Sparrow, Rattletrap and Chess King meet at their headquarters to reminisce over their adventures.

Draw Blood ~ A Horror Anthology

Visit the Halls of Terror and delve into stories of Modern Horror!

This zombie laced issue brings you face to face with modern terrors. Sometimes things are not always what they seem! Meet a Zombie that wants to die and a woman with a plan for the end of the world! The endings might just surprise you!

One-Shot / MATURE IV Title
The IV Mature Only line is designed for a Mature audience of 17 or older.


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