Star Scout Merope, AKA 'Mol'. Impetuous, rash, quick to anger, she is of an all-woman race that protects a secret that affects both her home planet and Earth as well.

Special Agent Rip Jones learns an old enemy has returned, his spaceship crashing on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Problem... Two space ships crashed; Jones must decide which one to investigate ...and Merope isn't happy with her unexpected change of plans.
The story of Beko, an orphan found by a loner named Fresh. Fresh is quick to realize that Beko is no ordinary human but a hybrid called The Strange.

The world of 2688 is complex, detailed, rich and exciting. Prepare to meet The Occupation, a resistance group that oppose genetic manipulation.

Issues #1 - #3 include Law of Inheritance, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Survival.

The Sourcebook is Full of insights - characters, the world of Transhumans, along with Beko! Orphan! Lady White! and Scarborough!
Meet Betty Wicked, Modern Witch.

Trapped in her bathroom, cornered by the minions of the Voodoo Queen, her Grandfather’s Demon trapped in her cell, even the Ghostly spirit of Grandmother Grania's incessant snooping into her business - Nothing stops Betty!

Along with her partner Frank Fletcher, a psychic who dreams of the Near Future, these paranormal investigators lead you in to supernatural adventure.