The Follower is Earth bound and is paving a road of blood in pursuit of Star Scout, Merope! Special Agent Euripides β€˜Rip’ Alexander Jones becomes Merope's unwilling captive. They return to her ship and are discovered by Hadrian and his killer cyborg robot Grant. Will they survive?

Political tension mounts in Artic City between President Sarki Shaw and Ohm Vihaan, Commander of the United Space Defense Force. Certain that Hadrian is headed to Mars, Ohm wishes to investigate personally - a wish he is denied by the President! Will he obey his orders?
A Wild West Steampunk Adventure! Set in 1867, this Post-Civil War story centers on hero Special Government Agent Marshal Samuel 'The Hawk' Hawkes. A driven man, he is assigned to weird & strange missions throughout the West.

After a harrowing run-away train ride, being shot at and bringing villains to justice, Hawk is back in Washington D.C. where President Johnson debriefs him regarding Professor Lars Favian, his henchman the assassin Argyle Lockwood...and his New Mission! Arrest for trial Argyle Lockwood, Wolf Faraday and others associated with the eccentric German scientist Professor Favian. Hawk's desire to bring these men to justice fresh in his mind, he heads to Kansas City, where he is to intercept the young courier, Corey Wilson; also suspected to be working for Professor Favian.

The story of Beko, an orphan found by a loner named Fresh. Fresh is quick to realize that Beko is no ordinary human but a hybrid called The Strange. The world of 2688 is complex, detailed, rich and exciting. Prepare to meet The Occupation, a resistance group that oppose genetic manipulation. Issues #1 - #3 include Law of Inheritance, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Survival. The Sourcebook is Full of insights - characters, the world of Transhumans, along with Beko! Orphan! Lady White! and Scarborough!
3CORPS! A group of super powered humans brought together by The Colonel to fight against the growing superhuman threat on the planet!

Max, Team Leader of 3CORPS, is laid up in the Hospital Wing of Station Zero recovering from the battle with Gabriel (Issue #1). The remaining members of 3CORPS, Faceless and Krimson, face off with the ultimate power of The Devastator. As if this is not enough, Axiom, led by the insane Dr. Specter, is preparing a full-on assault on Station Zero to take possession of The Daedalus Spear.

The team is shattered! Max, having sustained so much damage, is now insane. Enemies become friends as 3CORPS finds themselves fighting their own leader! While The Colonel must try to make a β€œDeal with the Devil”. What will The Colonel do? Issues #1-#3 include The Daedalus Spear, Member Down and Black Knight Rising.

Elizabeth 'Betty' Wicked - Modern Witch - finds herself captured by a Voodoo Queen! Partner Frank Fletcher uses his psychic powers to help her escape - but it doesn't go as planned. Meet Charity, a bicycle riding fellow witch, who, at Betty's Grandmother Grania's insistance, snoops into Betty's business!



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