David Braรฑa's Evil War Graphic Novel: After the complete destructon of Earth, humankind returns to discover demons are real, and the future rests on their destruction! But is it too late?

Betty Wicked GN Vol. #1: The entire Betty Wicked comic issues #1-#5 gathered in TSP's magical Graphic Novel! From Extreme Sports to Voodoo in the Bayou!

The 7th Sister #4: Things begin go awry! For President Shaw, The Aldebaranโ€ฆ Merope enlightens Agent 'Rip' Jones regarding The Aldebaran, as they make their way back to Artic City. Is it too late for Rip to place his trust in this alien? What of pilot Haze and Commander Vihaan?

Demon Samurai #1: Quirky, irreverent, and just plain annoying, Demon Samurai lives by her own set of rules! She's finally tracked down her enemy, the Mutant Samurai Lord Black Belly, hidden in the Temple of the Dragon...Now itโ€™s payback time!


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