Demon Samurai #1: Quirky, irreverent, and just plain annoying, Demon Samurai lives by her own set of rules! She's finally tracked down her enemy, the Mutant Samurai Lord Black Belly, hidden in the Temple of the Dragon...Now itโ€™s payback time!

Sword of Justice V2 #1: Brenna, Tanet and Muriel Return in an ALL NEW story ~ The Ring of Fire! Can they restore the post-apocalyptic earth to its former glory? A debut 2022 Title from TSP!

Malone Gridlock #1: A bad ass superhero from the 70s' journeys to the future only to find it's not groovy! Malone Gridlock #1 debuts in 'Yesterday's Tomorrow' ~ A 2022 Title from TSP!

Betty Wicked #5: Betty gets caught up in a fight that is not her own Is it all just a trick? and Where’s Frank? A shocker of a revelation in the first 2 pages!

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