Demon Samurai #2 is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Betty Wicked: Witch Hunt: Betty Wicked returns in her newest mini series! Betty once again catches thieves in her library, but this time it's friends! Hav'lock and Fizzy launch Betty on an adventure that spans the history of the Wicked family.

Betty Wicked / Legend, Hell’s Executioner Crossover: Betty Wicked joins forces with Jakob Legend, Hell’s Executioner, to stop the invasion of Hell by the ancient Greece Gods themselves! Are they enemies, or is it a match made in heaven?

David Braña's Evil War Graphic Novel: After the complete destructon of Earth, humankind returns to discover demons are real, and the future rests on their destruction! But is it too late?

Betty Wicked GN Vol. #1 ~ A Touch of Voodoo: The entire Betty Wicked comic issues #1-#5 Vol. 1 are gathered in TSPCMX's magical Graphic Novel! From Extreme Sports to Voodoo in the Bayou!

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