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Sword of Justice V2 #1: Brenna, Tanet and Muriel Return in an ALL NEW story ~ The Ring of Fire! Can they restore the post-apocalyptic earth to its former glory? A debut 2022 Title from TSP!

Malone Gridlock #1: A bad ass superhero from the 70s' journeys to the future only to find it's not groovy! Malone Gridlock #1 debuts in 'Yesterday's Tomorrow' ~ A 2022 Title from TSP!

Betty Wicked #5: Betty gets caught up in a fight that is not her own ...with a cowboy with a familiar face! Is it all just a trick? and Where’s Frank? A shocker of a revelation in the first 2 pages!

The Strange #6: THE END IS HERE! The Strange Mini Series concludes with this final issue! Who lives? Who dies? Secrets will be revealed; new questions will be asked!

Sword of Justice #3: by Silvio Spotti. Brenna, Tanet and Muriel wage war as they close in on their true enemy in this action-packed final issue! Will they be able to free humanity in this on-going war against total control of Earth?

7th Sister #0: Issue #0 reveals details of the enmity between Star Scout Merope, & The Aldebaron, known as The Follower ~ find out the reason for this deadly game of interstellar cat and mouse!

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