Travel with the bad ass superhero from the 70's as he journeys to the future only to find it's not that groovy!

Malone Gridlock was accidently infused with a dose of dark matter energy and became the hero known as Gridlock!ย ย Nightly he protects the streets of Grand Metro City against the rampant crime wave eating away at the heart of the city he loves!

He's been hunting the insane genius known as Scarlet Death, who schemes constantly to bring order to the world through chaos! After several clashes with Scarlet Death, Gridlock tracks the villain to his hideout. Tonight, Malone will finish Scarlet Death's chaos!

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The Fight for DNA ownership is on! Genetics have advanced to include melding of human DNA with machine. One company has a stronghold on this - The Fuller Epsilon Group. Science pirate Orphan and his followers have been monitoring the Fuller Epsilon Group whose genetic manipulation is opposed by Orphan.

In the middle of this fight is Beko. Both Orphan and the Fuller Epsilon Group grasp at controlling Beko. Captured by Fuller Epsilon, Beko is rescued by The Occupation. Trapped, Beko flees!

An all-out battle ensues! What happens to Beko; could he be the cause of mass destruction?

The Follower is paving a road of blood in pursuit of Star Scout, Merope! Special Agent โ€˜Ripโ€™ Jones becomes Merope's unwilling captive. Returning to her ship they are discovered by Hadrian and his killer cyborg robot Grant. Will they survive?

Political tension mounts in Arctic City between President Shaw and Ohm Vihaan, Commander of the United Space Defense Force. Certain that Hadrian is headed to Mars, Ohm wishes to investigate but is denied by the President!

Against orders, Ohm Vihaan, along with pilot Mitchell Haze go rogue! After the Battle of Mars, they manage to hide aboard a enemy ship! Now their secrecy is imperiled!

Meet Elizabeth 'Betty' Wicked - Modern Witch. With her witching abilities, her obsession with high speed, high risk extreme sports, and her nosey temperament, Betty delves into the paranormal along with her sidekick Frank.

Captured by the Voodoo Queen, Betty needs an escape! Partner Frank Fletcher uses his psychic powers to help - but it doesn't go as planned. Meet Charity, a bicycle-riding fellow witch, who, at Betty's Grandmother Grania's insistence, snoops into Betty's business!

Read the otherworldly misadventures of Betty Wicked!

A Wild West Steampunk Adventure! Set in 1867, this Post-Civil War story centers on Special Government Agent Marshal Samuel 'The Hawk' Hawkes, assigned to investigate weird & strange happenings.

After completing his last mission, Hawk is back in Washington D.C. where President Johnson briefs him regarding his next mission... Arrest Argyle Lockwood, Wolf Faraday and others associated with eccentric scientist Professor Lars Favian.

In Kansas City, Hawk intercepts the courier Corey Wilson, suspected of working for the Professor! Hawk gets tangled with new-fangled ideas and some crazy machinery. This mystery may, or may not be solved with the discovery of the place called The Devil's Back!

Satan's Hunter Jakob Legend continues his fall from grace.

The Trinity of Hate โ€“ Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Baphomet have convened, plotting to take down their grand enemy Lucifer! All they need is a way to destroy Legend!

As the war to take over Hell spreads throughout the realm, Satan's Hunter Jakob Legend awakens to find himself alone on Hellโ€™s Battlefront. Read the book to find out what's in store for Jakob Legend, his team and the denizens of Hell!

3CORPS! A group of super powered humans brought together by The Colonel to fight against the growing superhuman threat on the planet!

The team is shattered! Max, Team Leader, is insane! Enemies become friends as 3CORPS finds themselves fighting their own leader! Members Faceless and Krimson face off with the ultimate power of The Devastator.

If this is not enough, Axiom, led by an unhinged Dr. Specter, is preparing a full-on assault on Station Zero ...and The Colonel must try to make a โ€œDeal with the Devilโ€.




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